Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm Obsessive

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am a book-aholic.  (This is where I imagine you all saying, "Hi, Elizabeth.")
I've always enjoyed a good book: a relaxing read before bed, a delightful distraction to kill some time, or a satisfying storyline on the beach.  But everything spiraled out of control for me a year ago when a "friend" introduced me to my first erotic novel.
Fifty Shades of Grey changed me. I went from a fun, energetic, casual reader to a manic, paranoid, obsessive devourer of smut. I've read Fifty Shades three times since the summer of 2012. I'm not proud of it . . . okay, I'm actually really proud of it . . . but I can't stop.
My husband has staged interventions in our bedroom, begging me to turn off my phone because the light was keeping him awake. What did I do?  I turned on my side away from him so my body would block the glow. He has knocked my kindle out of my hands, asking me to talk to my family and stop reading my book. My response?  "Just let me finish this chapter."
And as the list of available smut grows, I only sink deeper into my addiction. There is no cure for my affliction, no therapy to help me fight my cravings for book boyfriends. Writing a romance has convinced me that there is no turning back. I will take this disease to my grave.
So I'm reaching out to my fellow sufferers (authors) to help satisfy my demand for romance novels.  I'm looking for well-written books to review in exchange for you doing the same for ours. I'll post to Amazon and Goodreads (if my review is favorable). If anyone is willing to swap reviews, you can contact us on Facebook or by email at  
Happy reading,


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